Welcome To Another Chely Wright Tribute Page!

Yes. Another internet dedication page! This page will attempt to present to individuals a look at one of today's most beautiful, dedicated and talented, young performers. In addition to a handful of personal photographs, it will act as a rest stop on the infobahn, calling for travelers to pull off, take a break and to be awed by her musical talents, read about her dedicated, charitable efforts with Reading, Writing & Rhythm, examine a few photographs and to be inspired enough to detour down a handful of links seeking more information or tour dates about one of today's most positive role models. Based on many interviews I've seen with her friends, coworkers and associates and having had the pleasure of meeting her in person, I am convinced that Chely Wright is a young woman who possesses as much inner beauty as is apparent on the outside. Thus this humble tribute to one of Nashville's most prominent country performers.
In parting from other tribute pages, however, it won't contain the usual slew of photographs 'borrowed' from other sites scattered around the internet. Instead, it will have a small gallery of shots taken personally during recent concerts. Please feel free to use any of these shots for your personal use and if posted, please reference this site as the source for the pictures.
Take care and thanks. - Quincy (Last Update: December 1, 2003)